How to be a Motivated Homemaker

how to be a motivated homemaker fi

Homemakers, by a show of hands, who here has had days they don’t feel like tending to their house? Maybe you work outside the home, and by the time you return, you are too worn out to even wash dishes.  Or perhaps you’ve spent the better part of a day shuffling the kids from one activity to the next, and when you get home all you want is a nap.  Are you like me, a woman who doesn’t work, yet still has days where she has no motivation to take care of things at home? Read more

Serving the Lord Through Homemaking

Serving the Lord Through Homemaking FI
**Please note: I understand that not all women are able to stay home full-time, whether you’re a single mom, financially burdened or your spouse cannot work. There are those of you who don’t have a choice. But for those of you who do, please read this article carefully.**

In today’s culture of feminism, and woman power, one job that often gets overlooked and laughed at is homemaking. The first job that women ever had, and the job that we held for the longest time. For thousands of years, from the beginning of time, the Lord has appointed women to look over their homes and care for the occupants of said home. It wasn’t until recent history that women left the home for a job at all. There was no need for women to leave the home then; and in my opinion, there still isn’t.

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Debt of Mercy by Amanda Tero Review

Debt of Mercy Book Cover Debt of Mercy
May 29, 2015

A merciful king.
An unjust lord.
A choice to forgive.

Raboc’s eyes narrowed to slits and he thrust his arm forward until his fingers closed around Ancel’s throat. The young man knew better than to resist the powerful lord, but his jaw clenched.

“To the dungeon with you. Guards!”

“Lord, have mercy,” Ancel pleaded. “Give me time and I shall pay the other half.”

A short story.

Recommended for Ages: 10-12+
Suitable for Ages: 10+
Warnings: None

Debt of Mercy is a quick, short story that is used to explain a great Biblical lesson to children.

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Speak for Him

Speak for Him FI

“Those who speak for themselves want glory only for themselves, but a person who seeks to honor the One who sent him speaks truth, not lies” John 7:18.

Have you ever sat and listened to someone talk about themselves?  There are times when I have had to and was amazed at how they either brag so much that I nearly want to leave the room or vomit.  Then there are those who tear themselves down so much that you get a physically ill feeling for them, you wonder what would have happened for them to have such little value of themselves.  Where is the middle ground? Read more

How to Stay Modest This Summer

How to Stay Modest This Summer FI

Summertime…that word is the bane of existence for us skirty girls. It means that the hoards of scantily clad women are coming out, and the cat callers will be sure to follow. Not only that, but then there’s the matter of beating the heat. When covering your body from your neck to your knees, most of the time, that is not an easy task. Read more